90 Degree Coverd Belt Conveyor

Another product that we, Competent Conveyor Systems Pvt. Ltd. offer is a 90 degree curved belt conveyor. This conveyor of ours is used for handling materials or equipments (as per the need of the customer) in small, difficult spaces. As the name suggests, there is a 90 degree curve in the middle (or near the middle) of the conveyor belt to facilitate easy and efficient transfer of goods from one spot in the room to another.


A 90 degree belt conveyor can be used for handling food items as well such as snacks, cakes, etc. They are designed with the minimum inner and outer diameter both at the point of the curve to facilitate smooth and damage-free conveyance of materials. We use only stainless steel and plastic for making these conveyors so hygiene and safety is a non-issue.


These 90 degree belt conveyors of ours are designed with utmost precision by our engineers keeping in view all the possible ways in which they can be proved helpful to our customers/clients. They are up to the mark in any and all ways as far as quality is concerned and have been thoroughly tested in rigorous conditions as well before approval. We are sure that these 90 degree belt conveyors of ours will solve your problem of having to use trolleys in unmanageable spaces.

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