90 Degree Roller Conveyor

90 degree roller conveyor is used for the facilitate work at the work place. As the roller will push the product hence it will move forward and any person can pick it up for the next process. It will not go straight because of the manufacturing condition. Competent Conveyors System Pvt. Ltd make gravity steel and aluminum roller.


It has solid steel axles and galvanized steel roller tubes. It does not have any restrictions and compliance in the system. With the manufacturer using latest technology and low unit cost it make product reliable.  Frame finishing is given by Durable Epoxy Powder Paint and roller material is made from the 18 Gauge Galvanized Steel.


It provides space in the floor by 90 degree design so worker can easily work. Company makes Conveyor system to considering the light weight system in mind. Heavy weight could not be bearable by the system as rollers cant rolls forward and the product will not go forward. As 90 degree roller conveyor works on the gravity system so rollers will stick to their places if some heavy material will put on conveyor.

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