Belt Conveyors

We at Competent Conveyors Systems Pvt. Ltd. aim at providing our customers with the best service possible and for that we employ the technology of belt conveyors which help us in achieving that objective with the maximum possible efficiency.

Belt conveyors are mainly used for shifting bulk goods without a lot of bother. These bulk goods include material and equipment both. Belt conveyors have been in use since way back in our industry simply because of the advantages that it brings to the organization and the amount of manpower it saves from getting wasted.

Our belt conveyors are manufactured at our advanced manufacturing unit so, rest assured, they are bound to be flawless and quality wise more than satisfactory. The major functions that these belt conveyors are able to perform include conveying, assembling, loading/unloading, etc. of materials which can range from some type of powder to large lumps of stones or equipments (both fragile and non-fragile) as per the need of the customer organization. The maintenance and operation costs of these belt conveyors are also very small when compared with the benefits that they will provide you with. The manpower and work hours saved on employing a belt conveyor can be used by the organization in dealing with other issues.

The quality, durability and stability of our belt conveyors are all already tested before offering it to our customers. The product will surely be able to handle the entire load that would be put on it and manage to do the work that it was supposed to do without much hassle and fuss.

Flat Belt Conveyors

We, Competent Conveyor Systems Pvt. Ltd. are an organization that specializes in the production of the best quality belt conveyors. There is a huge variety of belt conveyors that is available with us. One such type and the most common of all the belt conveyors is the flat belt conveyor.


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Inclined Belt Conveyor

Inclined belt conveyors, again a sub product of belt conveyors, are one of our more popular and highly useful products. They can be used for handling bags, boxes, materials, cartons, equipments, parts, etc. These are called inclined belt conveyors because basically they are used for exchange of goods between two different floors with the help of gravity.


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Z Type Conveyor

Z type conveyors are one of our more utility driven products. It tends to a very specific need of our customers. Also known as vertical conveyors, Z type conveyors are very advanced in their design, at the same time being very easy to use for our customers. These types of automatic conveyors are also called bucket conveyors as they are basically used in the food and snack industries.


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90 Degree Coverd Belt Conveyor

Another product that we, Competent Conveyor Systems Pvt. Ltd. offer is a 90 degree curved belt conveyor. This conveyor of ours is used for handling materials or equipments (as per the need of the customer) in small, difficult spaces. As the name suggests, there is a 90 degree curve in the middle (or near the middle) of the conveyor belt.......


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