Bucket Elevator

A Bucket Elevator consists of a range of buckets linked to a chain or belt with sprockets or pulleys located at the bottom and top of the unit. The buckets are placed in a housing or casing to contain the material.


This product has proven itself for vertical transport of various and miscellaneous bulk materials for decades. In the market decades ago, Conveyors System Pvt. Ltd founded the belt bucket elevator technology. We manufacture, fit and design complete bucket elevators with the use of the round plate link chains, steel chains or belts as traction mechanisms.


Advantages of Bucket Elevators


Different casing and bucket sizes available for 20,000 cubic feet per hour


Inlet section may be flood loaded or control fed with bulk materials


Designed to manage a large variety of bulk materials

- from free-flowing to average


Fully enclosed for weather-tight operation and dust



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