Flat Belt Conveyors

We, Competent Conveyor Systems Pvt. Ltd. are an organization that specializes in the production of the best quality belt conveyors. There is a huge variety of belt conveyors that is available with us. One such type and the most common of all the belt conveyors is the flat belt conveyor.


A flat belt conveyor is the most widely used of all the belt conveyors. As is already clear from the name, this belt conveyor is flat and is used in shifting goods from basically one place to another (both places being on the same horizontal plane).


The main functions that a flat belt conveyor is known to do include metal forming, metal stamping, machined part handling and part extraction. It is not that an organization that deals with such functions would not be able to do without a flat belt conveyor but it sure would be better off with it. Our flat belt conveyor would make your job so much easier for you. The amount of manpower, energy and time spent in doing these functions would be saved at the lowest of costs.


Our flat belt conveyors are quality tested and have been able to pass with flying colors. The installation of flat belt conveyors is also not at all difficult, as there are not many things that are required for that, the few things that are required include support stands, profiles and guides, belting, gear motors and drive mounting packages which will all be provided for by us.

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