Inclined Belt Conveyor

Inclined belt conveyors, again a sub product of belt conveyors, are one of our more popular and highly useful products. They can be used for handling bags, boxes, materials, cartons, equipments, parts, etc. These are called inclined belt conveyors because basically they are used for exchange of goods between two different floors with the help of gravity.


Our inclined belt conveyors can also be used for transporting goods from a lower floor to an upper floor with the help of booster conveyors. Our inclined belt conveyors have a curved nose over at the end of the belt to facilitate smooth transfer of the goods from the incline to the horizontal plane. The belts used in our inclined belt conveyors are the most modern most durable and the most reliable in the market today.


We have inclined belt conveyors at 45 degrees, 30, degrees and more depending on the customer’s requirements. Inclined belt conveyors can also be used for the transfer of really heavy things such as trucks, cars, etc. In such cases special orders need to be placed well in advance and we will give you just the product that will satisfy all your needs.


We also have inclined belt conveyors whose level of incline can be adjusted depending in the need. During placement of the order please mention the length and height of the floor along with other details as we would need to provide you with the right inclined belt conveyor for your need.

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