Powerised Roller Conveyor

This conveyor is made by Competent Conveyors System Pvt. Ltd for the special application. This normally use for the corrugated box, pallet, heavy blocks etc. This conveyor also have different types which include the conventional powered roller conveyor and power & free roller conveyor. It gives consistence performance and prolonged service life. Company rigorously indulges in checking various parameters of the conveyor by the quality control department. AC, refrigeration and Mechanical industry uses the Powerised Roller Conveyor.


It is available in the different sizes and dimensions according to the requirements. Driven by chain conveyor is easily transport the material. When the work place is covered by the dust, dirt and oil powerised roller conveyor can also perform its functions.  Its specifications are it is Sprockets speed of almost 15 mtr / min and up to 6000mm Convey objects length. It also has Gear motor of 0.25 hp. Company is supported by highly skilled team. They are able to fulfill its customer’s requirement. Powerised roller conveyor is Abrasion and corrosion resistant. Powerful rollers are designed for the flexibility and heavy duty uses. It is useful in all sorts of application and industries.

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