Turn Table Conveyors

Turn Table Conveyors: utilized in for directional change


While your plant layout needs a directional modification in the least probable space of your conveyor system, you have to consider utilizing a Turntable. The turntable conveyor must be utilized for good sortation, accumulation and also directional changes. The Turntable conveyor is obtainable in the market in sizes ranging from 2′ diameter to 12′ diameter.


The top is determined by either chain or sprockets or air worked chamber. The unit is outfitted with extended metal guards on every one of the four sides. The unit could be supplied with chain and sprocket drive, air worked for 90 degrees pivot or no drive for manual indexing. Tops might be fixed with gravity roller or chain driven live roller transport to suit your application.


Turntables are utilized due to the changing directions or turning goods on the conveyor. The modular structure permits a better adjustment to unreliable applications. Roller or chain conveyors act as load carriers. Turntables permits 2, 3, or 4 stopping points for utmost versatility.


They acknowledge accelerates to 0.45 m/s (88 fpm) and the 90-degree turning time is 4.5 seconds. No extra fencing is needed because of the coordinated lodging. Exact and quick turning of beds, elite.

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