Z Type Conveyor

Z type conveyors are one of our more utility driven products. It tends to a very specific need of our customers. Also known as vertical conveyors, Z type conveyors are very advanced in their design, at the same time being very easy to use for our customers. These types of automatic conveyors are also called bucket conveyors as they are basically used in the food and snack industries.


Z type conveyors are basically used for the elevation of food products especially solid food products such as rice, potato chips, candy, grain, chemicals, etc. Our conveyor is fully automatic and this gives an advantage over others as it saves substantial manpower costs and time.


The main parts of a Z type conveyor involves a bucket elevator, an automatic weighing and packing machine (run by a computer) and an automatic quantitative packing machine. These parts work in the most synchronized manner and will get your work done with as much ease as you had ever wished for.


Our Z type conveyors are all tested and approved by our engineers and experts and have been deemed fit to use for our customers. The hygiene and safety provided by our product is guaranteed as it is made of the finest quality of stainless steel and plastic that can be used in the making of such a product.

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